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How To Find An Active Adult Living Community That Suits You

August 25th, 2016

Typically, people who move into an active adult living community need to be 55 years or older. Today, this might seem like an incredibly young age to move into a retirement community simply because most people are still working at that age. Even retirement benefits start kicking in after their mid-sixties for most people. However, health issues, social requirements and other factors are forcing more and more people to relocate to active adult living communities quite early on.

It’s all about living in style and aging comfortably!

Interestingly, you might see that most active adult living communities are centrally located in places like Florida and Washington. One of the reasons for this is the great climate, of course. Plenty of sunshine is something that most seniors enjoy and thrive in. Another reason is comfort.

Most reputed active adult living communities have resort-style amenities like golf courses, heated swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness and activity centers, in addition to well built homes. Land and facilities like these in the middle of the city is an attractive option for people who have worked hard throughout their younger years and look forward to a comfortable retirement. There’s no doubt about it – it’s living and aging in style and many folks have the financial muscle to enjoy just that.

Surveys and research have shown that entertainment and recreation are the main thrusts of a good active adult living community, after comfort. Thus, designing options are evolving all the time. Reputed active adult living communities offer their residents a number of housing options, ranging from town homes to duplexes, villas and so on. In addition to these, some even have separate guest houses, conference rooms and ball rooms.

Some of the features you might consider when choosing an active adult community include:

1. Low maintenance both inside and outside the house. Most adult living communities understand that ambience is a key factor when it comes to choosing the right place to live. So, for example, many of them make it a point to maintain tress, shrubs and gardens to give residents the kind of environment they desire.

2. Lots of varied types of activities. You could find water sports, aerobics, yoga, pilates, dancing, craft work, movie nights, wine tasting – the list is long and quite fulfilling. Large communities even plan long outdoor vacations and cruises. Just because you’re ageing, there’s no reason to bid adieu to all the things you enjoy in life!

3. Great social milieu. In a large active adult living community, residents are surrounded by people like themselves. Thus, the social aspect provided by the community is another big reason to move into an adult living community.

4. Great location has its perks. Many places like Orlando and Washington have their innate advantages. These areas have great weather all year round. They also have many outdoor incentives, like parks, lakes and so on. People like to be in a happening place. Also, many people who are in the 55-60 age brackets like to keep themselves busy with jobs that are easy to handle.

5. Lots of reasons for visitors to visit. Just because you are living in an adult retirement community, you cannot cut yourself off from the rest of your family. If the community is spacious and has great amenities, there’s all the more reason for grandkids to visit grandpa and grandma!